Most of the paintings I have done are from photos I have taken on my travels. I use the photos as guides to capture the memory. Several paintings have come from other peoples photographs and you will see their names listed as "photo credit".

My original art work is done in the medium of pastel. Pastel is powdered pigment, rolled into round or square sticks and held together with a non-greasy binder. If the surface is covered completely with pastel, the work is considered a pastel painting. It is the most permanent of all media, for it never cracks, darkens, or yellows. I paint on archival sanded paper which allows for layering of many colors. Original paintings must be covered with glass to protect the surface.

Original art work is digitally scanned to achieve the best possible color accuracy, contrast and sharpness. Giclee prints are made after this process. The term "giclee" is a French work meaning "to spray". Giclee printing is the highest quality standard for printing single or limited edition prints on paper or canvas. Giclee prints are created by spraying millions of droplets of ink onto your choice of paper or canvas. These prints are estimated to last over 130 years without noticeable fading.

If you would like to order a print, please contact me and we will discuss what would be the right size print depending on how you would like to frame your art. Standard size prints can be popped into a readymade frame or custom framing allows for more options as far as matting and sizing.

Standard size Giclee print prices:
8 x 10    $40.00
9 x 12    $55.00
11 x 14   $70.00
12 x 16   $85.00
14 x 18   $100.00
16 x 20   $115.00
18 x 24   $130.00

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